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They grow up too fast...

Before you know it, you blink and your little girls are grown and gone.

Sweet Leaf Lane is a little girl's dress boutique that provides age appropriate dresses that preserve the magic of childhood.


I distinctly remember a night many years ago as I put my newborn baby back to bed after a midnight feeding. I held her a bit longer, knowing that she was my last baby.

I wanted to absorb every little detail of her- how she smelled, the feel of her delicate baby breath on my chest, down to the wrinkles in her little tiny feet!

That baby is now 9 years old, and I swear the time is slipping through my fingers faster than ever.

If there's one thing you can count on, it's the passing of time.

Short of inventing a time machine, the only thing I can do is my best to squeeze every ounce of wonder and magic out of her childhood.

Girlhood is short. Make it sweet with dresses from Sweet Leaf Lane.

All of my dresses are handmade with high quality materials and attention to craftsmanship and detail.

Current turn around time is approximately 2 weeks.

For custom inquiries email me at

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Sweet Leaf Lane Girls Dresses Online Boutique | My name is Kali and I'm the designer/owner of Sweet Leaf Lane. You'll find all my dresses are age appropriate for young girls and are the highest quality. I have 2 girls myself and I specialize in sister sets- coordinating girls dresses that complement each other.  Some even call me the "Sister Set Queen!"

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